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CHM Nigeria 2017 update

We bring you greetings from Christ Hospital Ministry, Africa.

At the moment, we are effectively covering two Countries basically in West Africa which include Christ Hospital Ministry Ghana, led by Dr Djaba and the Christ Hospital Ministry Nigeria led by my humble self. As we speak plans are already concluded for the inauguration of CHM Zambia which comes up on the 1st of November, 2017. Through our purebred in Zambia, we believe This will enable us to reach more countries in South and East Africa very soon.

I Nigeria, the last one year for us has been very eventful. We have had to intervene in a widely reported case of a set of twins born in Lagos whose father absconded after the birth. CHM intervened by paying part of the hospital bill so that the mother could be discharged. The children had nothing to wear, so we had to buy clothes and some other needs before they could be released.

We have also been invited by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), for CHM Nigeria to partner with them for their annual Accident Victims Day held usually in November. Their request is for CHM to pray and also donate relief materials to accident victims.

Specifically, we have handled the following cases in the last 1 year;

1. Tosin; A Sickle Cell patient with multiple complications. CHM Nigeria have been providing both Spiritual and Financial support to the family.

2. Another widely celebrated journalist, Publisher, Motivator and wife to one of our Volunteers. She was suddenly declared missing from home and found after about 6 months. All the while, the Ministry was praying and after she was found, we have been instrumental to her rehabilitation through prayers, hospital visits and financial contributions.

3. There was so a Sister whom we met her during one of our routine visitation to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, Lagos Nigeria while was about to be operated on for fibroid. We prayed with her, the operation was successful and she has since been attending our monthly Prayer Conferences.

4. In similar vein, we intervened in the case of a roadside groundnut seller. She had a bad hand which needed a surgical procedure to correct. The Ministry took up her case and she has conducted necessary tests and now scheduled for the corrective surgery. The entire case is been bankrolled by CHM Nigeria.

5. Another cleric had successful surgery in Benin, Edo State Nigeria and he is currently recuperating. We were in contact with him and his family all through.

6. One of our Ikorodu Branch Leaders who has Glycoma has equally been taken up by the Ministry. We are sponsoring the medical procedure for complete reversal of the ailment.

7. There is this other case that was refered to us by one of ours. He went to the United States for an operation which was successful. He is right now recuperating and we are trusting God for his full recovery.

As we celebrate the ‘17th’ edition of the CHM International conference, it is our prayer that God will give us the grace to fulfill His mandate for this Ministry throughout the world (Amen).

Thank you.

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