CHM Zambia December 2020

Everyday brings its challenges and its blessings and God sometimes brings challenges our way to test our mettle and see how we would react. One such occasion occurred in Ndola recently and to no other than the chairman of CHM Zambia himself, Revd Chilekwa Mulenga.

On this fateful day, a man hobbled into his office asking if he would help him saying he was informed he could provide the help he required. When asked what kind of help he needed, he replied that he needed crutches and some money for transport.

Revd Mulenga initially thought there was nothing he could do for him but then he remembered that there was a pair of crutches behind the bookshelf in his office which he promptly retrieved and gave to the man together with some money he had on him.

The man went away rather satisfied by the help provided for him and Revd Mulenga on his part was rather pleased that he was able to help the man and concluded that we should never be too busy to take a break to render help to those who need it. We serve by caring and care by serving and that is our working ethos as an organisation.

CHM Zambia 4th annual health and wellness conference was held on the same day as the Nigerian conference on the 5th of December 2020. It was a well attended socially distanced conference held in Ndola’s Lowenthal theatre.

Because of the cordial working relationship CHM Zambia has enjoyed with Ndola Teaching Hospital, the hospital provided a team 15 medical professionals for the conference comprising 3 medical doctors and 12 nurses. They provided the medical check-ups and advice at the conference. In addition to this the district health office also provided a specialist clinical officer who offered some valuable health advice.

It is something of a miracle in itself that the conference was able to go ahead and indeed held face to face as in previous years considering all the constraints the COVID-19 pandemic had put on the technical aspects of planning the conference and the general activities of CHM this year. But thanks be to God that it was held successfully.

Two people of the six prayed for received healing one with a painful knee and the other an eye problem.

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