We Are A Non-Denominational Christian Charity Organisation That Visit, Pray Where Needed And Support The Sick Or Infirm In Hospitals And In Their Homes.

Christ Hospital Ministry (CHM) is a non-denominational Christian UK registered charity. Our work involves serving some of the most vulnerable groups in our society i.e. those suffering from long term illness. We provide support by visiting, encouraging, counselling, pastoral care and prayer (where requested). Other services we provide include practical help for young people with mental health challenges and rehabilitation after hospital discharge.

Our Principles

Our work is governed by our principles set out below:

Voluntary service

Our work is purely voluntary and free at the point of delivery. Our motivation is the inspiration of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefor our volunteers do not seek to receive any kind of personal reward from carrying out this voluntary charitable work.

Our volunteers carry out visits in hospitals, hospices, care homes and in private homes. Our strength lies mainly in the diverse skills our volunteers possess and these ranges from the medical profession, nursing, food technology, social services to IT, accountancy and finance. We provide community services by organising health awareness seminars which have positively impacted the local community.

Our services provide benefit to the community regardless of race, gender, culture, class or creed.

Independence and Reach

We are non-denominational, autonomous and not affiliated to any religious or political organisation locally, nationally or internationally. We visit many hospitals in the UK at the request of the patients or their relatives. Some of these hospitals include King’s College Hospital, London, St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, St. George’s Hospital, London, The Royal Free Hospital, London, The Bethlem Royal Hospital, London, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, The Children’s Trust, Surrey, The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, Fen House, Ely, Cambridge, Southampton General, Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital (Mental Health NHS Trust) Enfield North London and a number of care homes and hospices.


We provide service to everyone and anyone regardless of their race, religion, economic status or political background.


Our volunteers carry out their services with one vision and unity of purpose.


We value the contributions made by our volunteers and make every effort to ensure that they are well equipped for their role before they engage with clients. We actively encourage volunteers to use their skills and experiences in all relevant areas of our work.

We visit the sick in their homes and in the hospitals, providing help for them through prayer, encouragement, reassurance, and counseling.

We provide intercessory prayer support in critical or seemingly hopeless cases.

We help build inner strength and accelerated recovery for the sick in the hospitals by:
-Encouraging interested patients to share fellowship.
-Working hand-in-hand with doctors and nurses in hospitals.
-Encouraging cross-hospital fellowship and
-Sharing testimonies of healing, physical and other forms of recovery.

We organise home visits and help after discharge and provide companionship for the lonely and those under pressure.

Provide domestic help and support where deemed fit.
Spiritual support and guidance

We provide a help-line for sick or their relatives to render help to them whenever required.

We organise health seminars for the benefit of our local communities

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