Spotlight – k. Samuel Sunil

Poverty is a huge problem in many parts of India including ours but the work of CHM has made access to medical care possible and this is something I’m very glad to be part of.

It has and continues to be something that gladdens my heart to see people saved through the work of CHM India. CHM operates from our base in Andhra Pradesh state in India. Apart from spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through our work, CHM has also been instrumental in providing free medical service to many who would otherwise have had no access to such care.

My name is K. Samuel Sunil and I am 25 years old and have been a volunteer with Christ Hospital Ministry India for the past 8 years. I currently serve as the secretary of the organisation. It has been an immense privilege for me to work as a volunteer for CHM India and I am entirely grateful to Christ our Lord for enabling me to serve Him this way.

Our annual conference is often an opportunity for us to reach out to the

poor and needy through our medical camp when we provide free medical resources including medicines and appliances like tricycles for the disabled and prescription glasses for those with refractive eye problems.

To date we have been able to conduct the camp in 13 remote locations. I am very grateful for the continual support given to us by Revd Sam Ajibola, president of CHM International and for the wise counsel he has provided for us in turbulent times. My prayer is that the Lord Almighty will bless and keep him and may He

grant him knowledge, wisdom and unparalleled understanding in all his endeavours.


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